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About us

In business since 1998, we have earned a reputation for dependable handyman and remodeling services to Columbia area homeowners. We are a locally owned business (not a franchise) and are licensed, bonded and insured. With our diversified experiences and skills, we keep your home in top operating condition and provide most remodeling services to re-define the living spaces to suit your particular needs and desires. We pride ourselves in bringing our services to you with professionalism and excellent customer service.

Your home is an enormous investment and from time-to-time needs repair and renovation. Most homeowners’ do not have the ability or the time to tackle the numerous items that can go wrong. Having a competent handyman service is essential to maintain that investment. Most often, a homeowner needs a “minor “ problem repaired and not a grandiose project to have completed. Our company philosophy is “No Job Too Small”. Whether you need a lock replaced, a broken water pipe repaired, or a leak under the kitchen sink fixed, it is a job for us! We would like you to give us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities.

At times of any emergency repair, or when there is a short timeframe needed to make a repair or renovation, we are but a telephone call away – 7 days a week! Rest assured that you will not be given “the run around”. We will go all out to solve your problem within your tight schedule. Nor will we start a project and leave a few hours (or days) into it. Once we commit to completing a job, we are there until it is completed!

As your family style and personal desires change, you may feel it is time to up-grade the home. Whether you decide on modernizing the Kitchen or Bathroom, adding or replacing the Deck or Patio, replacing that worn out flooring, updating the light fixtures, or “finishing out” an attic, we can not only take your project from a dream to a reality, but help you make the design choices with your budget in mind.

Our pricing is highly competitive and based on a detailed assessment of the work that is to be completed. We can provide only the labor time or complete with all the materials that are needed to finish the work. For most projects, we provide written proposals that are clearly detailed for you to review and approve prior to the commencement of work. It is readily easy to see the value for the work being proposed. Our integrity is very important to us and we want you to be satisfied at all times, including the cost of the project, beforehand! Whether we provide only labor, or provide labor and materials, our work and purchased materials are guaranteed. Should a problem arise after the work is completed, we will take immediate action to correct the problem, ensuring you complete satisfaction.

Most importantly, we are SeniorChecked by SC Senior Shield. This is a SC non-profit organization that provides seniors a secure check on our; company background, licensing, insurance coverage’s, bonding, customer complaints and follows a prescribed Code of Ethics. In today’s climate, having the peace of mind that the company you are calling has the credence you require, it is paramount to know that we are approved by a "third party" organization dedicated to the protection of seniors.